Devrantha Manushya Review

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(4 / 5)

So finally here is the movie of Bigg Boss Kannada season 4 winner Pratham when Bigg Boss Kannada season 5 winner is announced. Devrantha Manushya movie is directed by Kiran Shetty & produced by Manjunath Shetty. It is love story with comedy movie which suited best for Pratham due to his unique dialogue delivery style and kind of impression that he got from Bigg Boss. Pratham & Pavan’s combination in this movie has come up really good. Narrating the story in a different way and excellent acting by other lead roles Shruthi, Vaishnavi Menon ads more value to the story and will drive the movie sure for 50 days. Story is narrated by braking it into parts and connecting each of them beautifully. Director intends to send a solid message that excessive consumption of alcohol is injurious to both health as well as one’s relation.

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A girl proposes to difficult-to-handle Pratham in their college days, but Pratham take advantage of it and keep taking only money from the girl without caring for the girl’s love towards him. After realizing that Pratham is not interested in her, she gets married to the guy as per her mother’s wish. Vaishnavi Menon, who likes rather different character of Pratham falls in love with him and tries to bring about a number of changes in him, leading to a series of comical situations. Will Pratham change for her or will he continue to remain the same is what one needs to watch.

Devrantha Manushya story is by Shailesh Raj, music from Praddyottan & cinematography by Arun Suresh. Also Kirik Keeerthi makes a guest entry in the film for an alcohol song. Tabakla Nani & Suchendra Prasad’s performance is really good in the film.