Some movie characters and their names are remembered for decades and centuries due to the kind of impact that they have on the audience. One such character and name in Kannada film industry is Nagavalli. One cannot forget this name so easily. And if you are a diehard fan of Dr. Vishnuvardhana, then Apthamitra will be one of your most watched films. Apthamitra is also a superb combination of Dr. Vishnu & Dwarkish.

Recently a trailer of a film is released which is taking KFI fans with storm. The movie is titled as “Nagavalli Vs Aptha Mitraru”. By keeping story of Apthamitra and Aptharakshaka as base, the movie team is trying to show how Nagavalli killed Soundarya and Dr. Vishnuvardhana. The most interesting and curious part about the film is the shoot is done in Nagavalli palace located in Kerala, which was a challenging task for the team.

Nagavalli Vs Aptha Mitraru is directed & produced by Shankar Arun with Prabhik & Vignesh as co-producers. Vikram Karthik & Vaishnavi Chandran Menon are playing the lead roles in the film.

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